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While coordinators are certainly able to influence those areas in the real world, their most important task is generally play-calling. However, this isn't being represented in the game this year.
As you can see from the...

  • July 29 at 22:30

"It's not as powerful that you're going to need these things to be successful," Oldenburg said. "They're small boosts and penalties that happen here and there to make people feel connected emotionally to that particular...

  • July 26 at 21:52

Much like there's an absence of a draft alternative, MyTeam remains missing a salary cap style. From January, the mode will again be overrun with Pink Diamond and Galaxy Opal cards that make gameplay feel absurd. A...

  • July 23 at 01:45

The pairing of Brady and Mahomes is a natural match-up, as it follows in the footsteps of Super Bowl LV's matchup which saw Brady's Buccaneers dominate Mahomes' Chiefs, and it is perhaps the most prestigious match in Madden...

  • July 16 at 21:42

Although Carson Wentz isn’t a rookie, it is worth keeping an eye on his Madden NFL22 score. There was a time when Wentz was the most popular young quarterback in the league, but his reputation was tarnished a bit last...

  • July 13 at 22:44

Much like there's an absence of a draft option, MyTeam remains missing a salary cap mode. By January, the mode will be overrun with Pink Diamond and Galaxy Opal cards which make gameplay feel absurd. A salary-cap mode would...

  • July 9 at 22:36

Meanwhile, one man proved once again why he's the G.O.A.T. in football, and possibly in the four big sports. Tom Brady, playing in his first year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led them to a Super Bowl championship for his...

  • June 30 at 22:15

Watt may not have the rate of an elite rusher, but he could power through almost any block. The card will dominate both in the run and pass game against the best linemen in Madden. Watt is similar to an immovable force in...

  • June 27 at 21:33

Many gamers have had a lot of trouble producing their attempts at the web more consistent this year. Whether you are using Pro Stick or heading to your things through a different approach, it's difficult to get the game to...

  • June 23 at 22:39

Central to the changes on deck is a reworking of the game's player-trading logic, and the overall player valuation that behaviour rests on. The changes EA Tiburon's designers described in a blog post on Wednesday are meant...

  • June 4 at 22:49

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